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Meredith Baker Comcast – FCC Commissioner Joins Comcast – Wouldn’t You?

Meredith Baker jumps from FCC post to Comcast– after voting on their merger. Oli Garch celebrates the smarts of government officials that make career choices using the power of their federal positions to get them ahead in the corporate world.

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So, that chapter on smart people in Government…. pretty good.   I liked it, I thought there was one story in there that you know, you could add.  Mary Attwell Baker, FCC Commissioner..  do you know Mary? She’s a really really good girl…. Anyway, Mary is on the FCC and there is a merger between Comcast and NBC Universal… and she understood how many dollars were at stake here.  She  understood that those people did not need any impediments whatsoever and so she really pushed to try and have the vote happen sooner rather than later.  So she votes yes, she approves it.  And Comcast in their intelligence hires Mary to become the Chief Lobbyist for them in Washington D.C., so she leaves the FCC and becomes the Chief Lobbyist.   That is just an example of intelligence all the way around.  Mary understood how much money was at stake, she got it, she helped to move the thing along and she approved it and then she made a good career choice.. she moved on.

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