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Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO Billionaire: Markets Like Totalitarian Governments

Larry Fink at Blackrock says democracies are messy. We like totalitarian governments. But a Nobel Peace Prize-winning President who has a 3 front war business model– even Larry Fink has to tip his hat to that! …Oli Garch agrees.

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The other day Larry Fink over at Blackrock was saying how democracies are really messy and that we like totalitarian governments. I got to say he’s right on this one.

Democracies are okay for American Idol but when you are investing trillions of dollars, despots and dictators are really what you want. Particularly when you are talking about our most lucrative, stable and oldest line of business– war.

Businesses succeed when the product in the warehouse leaves and needs to be replenished…so whatever makes that happen is good for the bottom line.

We did pretty well under Clinton, and we couldn’t really asked for anything more under Dubya, but we happen to have an all star in the white house now—a nobel peace prize winning President who has a 3 front war business model…
I mean even Larry Fink has to tip his hat to that!

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