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Jamie Dimon Financial Crisis – Expect Financial Crisis Every 5 Years (& Like It!)

Jamie Dimon, CEO and Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, testifies that same banking crisis that nearly triggered collapse of U.S. can be expected every 5 years. Oli Garch agrees and says the people should shut up and keep serving.

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The thing I want you to put in the chapter on the 2008 financial train wreck is that it is not the last one we are going to see—not by a long shot. In fact if you listen to Jamie Dimon, one of the architects of the modern financial world, we can expect to have that kind of event every 5 or 6 years.

Look what we do drives the train and the rest of the people are just along for the ride. They are happy to be on top of the train like they’re in India or something. And because we are able to recognize that we are doing the heavy lifting by driving the train, Jamie Dimon is fighting the good fight to make sure that nobody makes us upgrade our tracks, change our destinations or slow down our speed. And whenever the train derails we expect the people to step up again, and put our train back on the tracks for us… how else are they going to get to where we are taking them?

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