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Ben Bernanke Banking Crisis – Banking Bailout? Stop Banker Bashing Baby!

In this economy the bankers are the only ones making money. So stop bashing them! Most people want to be serfs– because they don’t vote. Oli Garch says lay off Ben Bernanke and stop the banker bashing!

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I hate to hear all this banker bashing because in this economy they are the only ones making any money. Stop bashing the bankers
because if they’re making money, they’re making money. Most people, they want to be serfs, otherwise how else do you explain it?
Benny Bernanke is giving the big banks money for zero percent interest and the big banks are turning around and charging the people 6, 12, 20 and 30% on their loans and their credit cards.

Now Benny could have figured out another route to go like lending the consumer that money directly or, at the very least, capping the interest rate that banks could charge the people…but he didn’t.

And the people are okay with that…they each have a vote, and they obviously don’t use them which means they want to be serfs. So stop bashing the bankers because when they are making money, they are making money!

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