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Outsourcing: My Job is Like Where, Bro?

Which Candidate is doing everything they can to stop Outsourcing?

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Journalist:   A hot topic in the race is the outsourcing of jobs.  President Obama would you care to state your position.

Obama:  Four years ago I promised to end the tax break that rewards companies that shift jobs overseas.  We do not need a pioneer in outsourcing in the oval office.  We need a president that will fight for American jobs and American manufacturing.  The company Mr. Romney owned was a pioneer in outsourcing jobs overseas to places like China.

Governor Romney?

Governor Romney: Apparently the President is confused and mistaken, because he has never created a single private sector job in his life.  Mitt Romney spent 25 years in the real world economy.  So he understands why jobs come and go.  Sometimes they come from China and sometimes they go to China.  In the financial industry, you can make a profit on it either way.  And Mitt Romney just wants to say—God Bless America!

Journalist:  And you?

The Naked Emperor: The reality is neither of these two is willing to face the truth.  Governor Romney made his fortune eroding American manufacturing and American jobs.  President Obama never did implement his campaign promise to end that tax break for off shoring, in fact he appointed Jeff Immelt from GE to be the job czar.  Jeff Immelt is a huge proponent of outsourcing jobs to foreign countries while collecting tax breaks for it.

Journalist:  How does this guy keep getting in here?

Journalist.  I have no idea.  But I need a drink.

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