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Medicare For All:  Dude, the government is saying we have to buy a product?

The candidates discuss the merits of ObamaCare versus RomneyCare and avoid the conversation of Medicare for all.

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Moderator: There has been some controversy about the Affordable Care Act.  President Obama?

Obama: First of all I would like to congratulate Governor Romney for the healthcare successes achieved in Massachusetts under Romney care.  It clearly works and largely because Governor Romney insisted on the individual mandate.  Health reform gives hard working families the security they deserve and we modeled our program on what you did in Massachusetts.  There is really no difference in our plans.

Governor Romney what is your view on this matter?

Romney: Romney Care is not Obama Care.  Obama Care, is a terrible idea and it must be repealed. The difference is my plan is only in place in Massachusetts.  Besides, my individual mandate was a fee, not a tax,

The Naked Emperor: The heart of both plans is an individual mandate for citizens to buy a product from a private corporation or face a penalty.  That is great for those companies and still unaffordable for most citizens.

One in six dollars in this economy is going to health care.  Far beyond the cost of healthcare anywhere else on this planet, and nothing in both of your plans gets at the problem of the bloated bureaucratic monopolistic system.

Romney: I believe in consumer choice and making health care something that our national government is involved in is not a good idea.  There are a limited number of private insurers in a monopoly position in each state, and these private entrepreneurs are in the best possible position to assess the health needs in each state.

Obama: Health care is a national problem and needs a national solution,  I would point out to Governor Romney that the insurance executives who cut the deal with my administration are very pleased with the outcome for themselves and their industry as a whole.

TNE: The deal you cut is the equivalent of the bank bailout bill—with some $447 billion dollars in subsidies for insurance interests alone.  And despite this level of spending, our health outcomes are among the worst in the developed world.

You call this the Affordable care act and it is still unaffordable. The vast majority of the people in this country want Medicare for all, so I ask you both– who are you really working for?

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