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Mitt Romney vs. The Naked Emperor Debate: Domestic Issues

The first in a series of debates between Mitt Romney and The Naked Emperor. In this battle they are both asked what they believe is the biggest domestic issue the U.S. faces in the next four years.

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Governor Romney, what would you say the biggest domestic issue the United States is most likely to face in the next 4 years?

GR – Well I’m glad you asked me that. I think this is the greatest country in the world and there are so many opportunities for those of us who are willing to work for their dreams.

Is that all?

GR – That and the fact that I have been campaigning for 5 years and I can’t even get 40% in a primary.

And you, sir? Same question.

TNE – The #1 issue we face domestically is an addiction to greed by Wall Street and our Top Corporations.

Ecume plis?

TNE – More than 2/3 of US corporations pay no Federal Corporate Income Tax. They are allowed to tell shareholders they made billions and then tell the IRS they made no profit.

GR – What are you doing?

TNE — Wells Fargo reported $49 Billion in earnings, paid no taxes and got a $681 Million dollar refund.

GR — Please lets focus on the real issues, like Gay Marriage and Gays in the Military.

TNE — General Electric reported $14 Billion in income and paid nothing in taxes. And it got a $3 Billion dollar refund. $3 Billion dollars.

GR — I don’t think this is the right time and place to be talking about this issue.

TNE — I say that since the Supreme Court decreed that Corporations are people, then they better act like patriotic citizens and pay their full share in taxes.

Do something…

Now, just a minute…

TNE — Since corporations are people, and therefore citizens, then the Death Penalty in the form of dismantling them should apply if they commit acts of treason. Treason by definition is a violation of allegiance to ones country and making $14 Billion, paying no taxes and getting $3 Billion back damages the strength of this nation.

Xxxxxxxxx… Technical difficulties please stand by

We will see if they can get that sorted out… and in breaking news, we have just learned that Kim Kardashian is getting married again.

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