is a Truth.Art. movement.

Truth.Art. is a grassroots effort to bring individual, understandable stories to the public. The focus is on corporate kleptocrats and their enablers. These people have names. They have faces.  They have taken actions for which they – as individuals – are accountable.

Our objective is to inform about the transgressions of those high up in various industries and their allies, and to demonstrate that their treatment is contrary to basic American values of democracy, justice, and patriotism.  There is nothing wrong with capitalism and everything wrong with corruption.

If this truth is not spoken by artists it appears that it will not be spoken at all.

We begin with the ‘leaked’ video notes from “The Autobiography of Oli Garch”.  As we develop more content we will expand our focus to cover health and wellness, the environment, and defense.

These pieces are intended for the internet and their purpose to is to raise awareness and drive discussion. The timing is important because, once again, the election threatens to be about peripheral issues rather than an honest dialogue about the large strategic issues we, the people, face.

Art can bring that Truth to the conversation through