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Steve Rattner, MSNBC Analyst, got to pay a $10M fine for pension kickback scheme, others? JAIL!

Steve Rattner, former White house Car Czar and current MSNBC Economic Analyst only had to pay a $10 million dollar fine for his role in a pension- fund kickback scheme. Alan Hevesi, the NY State Comptroller who took the bribe went to jail. It pays to be the one paying a “gratuity” instead of receiving a “gratuity!”

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Here’s another example of why smart prosecutors are so important:
Steve Rattner, started out at the NY Times, started his own hedge fund, and he is looking to make his fund bigger– make himself some money, naturally! So he uses an inducement to get some of the public pension money from the State Comptroller in NY for his fund…but there was a small, little problem… Now the prosecutor, Andy, he put the Comptroller in jail for taking the bribe, a felony conviction, and he put the middle man in jail for handling the bribe, a felony conviction, but Stevey, who started the ball rolling by paying the gratuity only had to cough up a little fine. Stevey didn’t go to jail and it worked out great because now he is recognized on all the cable news shows as one of America’s foremost financial experts…

And the prosecutor, he was recognized for his talents. He is now the Governor of New York.

Smart, all the way around.

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