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Raoul Weil ex-UBS Wealth Manager Declared a Fugitive for Tax Evasion!

Raoul Weil ex-UBS Wealth Manager and current Fugitive came up with ways to allow the richest 19,000 Americans to avoid their taxes…and now he is avoiding the law and on the run! The whistleblower who spilled the beans on this? He is in jail!

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You know who I just ran into? Raoul, the top dog at UBS wealth management in the States. This guy is one of the smartest and richest guys you’ll ever want to meet. He came up with a way to help 20,000 of the richest Americans to evade their taxes. So for 5 years everything was golden and cruising along and then some whistleblower goes off the reservation and turned over files to the IRS, and that made it public. That made it a problem. So they actually hauled Raoul into court, like some sort of criminal and Raoul decided at that point, and I think rightly so, to exercise an option to exit the country. And he is technically a fugitive right now! I mean what is wrong with this picture.

Here is a smart guy helping wealthy people navigate the jackals of the IRS, kind of like Oscar Schindler in Schindler’s List. I mean the guy is literally saving people from paying any taxes.

Anyway, I caught up with him on the slopes and we were both having a laugh at the fact that of the 19,000 people he saved, and the UBS crew that he was working with, the guy that got the most time behind bars… was the whistle blower! That should teach the boys downstairs never to go off the reservation again!

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