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Paul Allen Sentenced to 40 Months Outrageous! Homeless Guy? Not So Much

Oli Garch outraged by a heavy 4 year sentence for 3 billion dollar mortgage fraudster Paul R. Allen and a very light 15 year sentence for homeless man who stole $100.

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I got the article you sent to me about the two guys convicted on the same day. The one guy, Paul, was a banker who had run a mortgage operation that they say was fraud to the tune of 3 billion. The other guy was homeless and he stole $100. And the banker, Paul, gets 4 years and the homeless guy got 15 years.

Outrageous…simply outrageous…what can you even really say about this other than it is clearly an overzealous prosecutor. The homeless guy walked into a bank and asked for $100. I don’t care that he was offered more and took only 1 bill, and felt so bad about it the next day he turned himself in, he deserves to go away. Paul on the other hand, the guy was just trying to make his numbers and clearly there was some bookkeeping issues. But think about the skill set that kept him juggling those problems for years. I mean really, you try to hide 3 billion dollars for even a single quarter—I can only imagine…but it’s not easy. That prosecutor is way off the reservation. What good does it do, at all, for anyone, to take Paul out of the financial loop for 4 years. His talents are needed, now more than ever!

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