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His name is Oli Garch and he is setting the record straight.

Leaked video notes from the autobiography of Oli Garch. Here Oli describes how the upper 1% are at a disadvantage and are looking to level the playing field.

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You know, money is not the great equalizer money is the great separator. I mean, really our issue is the whole concept of one man one vote, I mean that may sound good, I mean it’s sort of is a slogan and that it worked probably a couple hundred years ago.  But it’s really a problem now because you know we are sort of surrounded by people who all have an equal vote than as we do.. But there is a huge difference.. I mean a hillbilly on welfare or a single mother who is working two and a half jobs to make ends meet or I don’t know a dry cleaner owner or a heart surgeon who might have a quaint third house in Diamond Head.. I mean all of these people together, they all have a single vote just the same as us.  That’s just wrong.  I mean we are sort of outnumbered here.  So we are looking at as the system cheats us and we are going to have to do whatever we have to do to level the playing field, and that is what we are doing.

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