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Mark Hurlbert Colorado DA – Selective Prosecution Works for Mark Hurlbert!

Oli Garch discusses how smart it was for Colorado Prosecutor Mark Hurlbert to decline filing felony charges against private wealth manager Marty Erzinger in his hit and run case in Vail.

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So this concept of equal justice that you read about…I mean.. maybe in your world.  In our world it’s just not like that… For example… Occasionally they do get it right like in Vail, my friend Marty, the private wealth guy. He bought a new Mercedes and a month out, he’s driving and the new car smell, actually, according to a forensic expert put him to sleep.  So he winds up hitting this I don’t know, it’s like a doctor or something, and knocks the guy off the road. Then Marty wakes up and drives away.  Now, the prosecutor understood what Marty does and he even said that felony implications for a guy in his line of work actually carry some pretty serious implications.  So you know he just declined to do, you know he did the right thing, he declined to prosecute any kind of felony charges against Marty.  And you know, he saved a lot of people a lot of headaches, because do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a really really good private wealth guy?

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