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The Freedom Tower is being built with Chinese glass and German steel: An Outsourcing Victory!

The Freedom Tower is being built with Chinese plate glass and German steel, and Oli Garch points out how the outsourcing of these materials makes everyone more deeply connected to the former site of the Twin Towers.

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You know I was reading the story about how the Liberty Bonds are financing the Freedom Tower. The site of the Twin Towers. So the US Taxpayer is invested heavily in this magnificent new structure. And I noticed that the Freedom tower is being built with German Steel and Chinese plate glass. And that reminded me of my very first job on Wall Street. I am 22 years old and I am learning the ropes and, if I do say so myself, I was pretty good at my job. This got me noticed and they start sending me around to handle things that normal associates wouldn’t necessarily get to handle. Well we found an opportunity for some Chinese officials who were looking to buy manufacturing equipment and some clients to go with it. I found a nice plate glass company in Pennsylvania with a couple of guys who were ready to cash out. So a deal was struck and to clear the way I had to fire my first 1000 workers. Nothing in this world makes a man’s balls feel so powerful as to fire your first 1000 workers. And it paid well too. So off to China goes this equipment…now, years later, that glass is coming back to the good old US of A—courtesy of the taxes paid in part by those thousand workers I laid off years ago. And I am sure, when I see that Freedom Tower go up, I am probably going to get a little choked up. Because I know that inside that tower, inside that Chinese made glass, there is a little piece of me in there.

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