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Trans-Pacific Partnership:  Tagalog Dude Says What?

President Obama, Governor Romney and the man with the crown discuss the merits of a trade deal that has been negotiated in secret that would allow foreign corporations to strike down US law.

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Moderator: There has been some unpatriotic criticism of the Trans Pacific Partnership even though this proposed Treaty would allow foreign corporations to strike down US law.  What is your view on this?

The Naked Emperor: “I am opposed to this treaty because these negotiations have been done in secret.  What we do know is it represents the final end game for Corporate power over people.    This treaty would allow Corporations, and foreign investors, to overturn our US rules affecting the environment, food safety, and the health of our citizens”.

Moderator: And what would be wrong with that Governor Romney?

Governor Romney: “Nothing. Corporations are people too my friend.  President Bush started this Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty and I think it is fine.  I would get it done if I was President”.

Moderator: President Obama?

President Obama: “The process has not been secret.  People have consistently had their say, they just have not been allowed access to the text of the agreement. Distinguished corporate citizens have helped us put this together. And Ambassador Ron Kirk has been working hard to negotiating this treaty.  He is a distinguished international lawyer and has represented numerous corporations, foreign and domestic.  So I have great confidence that he will put the interests of America somewhere into the process”.

The Naked Emperor: “Mr. President, Governor Romney, there is no difference between you on this issue.  You both want to sign it but the devil is in the details.  This treaty will make foreign corporations literally more powerful than the will and the vote of the American people.

If that happens then this Republic is over”.

Moderator: Thank you gentleman.  This debate was brought to you by the Sultan of Brunei, the China Construction Bank and Qatar Airways.

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